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The Vedas Group is a venture capital and advisory business focused on seed and early-stage venture investments in private, technology-enabled companies located primarily in the United States.  Vedas also helps incubate promising entrepreneurs and advises small and medium sized business in strategic planning and development.

We are nimble and never waste an entrepreneur’s time. Our focus is on being the best possible partner to each and every founder and firm in our portfolio. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and have an interesting idea, let’s start a dialogue.


Investment Approach

At Vedas, we focus on early stage companies that act upon opportunities at the forefront of industry. We do not invest in incremental advances to existing technologies, instead Vedas seeks out companies that attack billion-dollar market opportunities with distinctive leadership teams, disruptive technologies, and business models built upon sustainable competitive advantages. Vedas accomplishes this by leveraging the managers' experience and networks to source deals and identify innovative entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas that have large market impact potential.

Geographical Focus

While our roots are in New York, at Vedas, we will devote time and effort to work with innovators from any part of the country, East Coast, West Coast and anywhere in between if we feel strongly about the founders, opportunity and its potential impact.


Vedas Advisory seeks to partner with portfolio companies and small and medium sized business to help them achieve a scalable business model. Vedas’ team has extensive sector expertise in the financial services, technology, energy, consumer and retail sectors having assisted all company sizes from small businesses to global corporates. We provide creativity, support and analysis on clients’ financial, commercial and technical issues. We advise clients in situations requiring specialized analytical, industry and structuring expertise. The most common consulting & advisory services provided by Vedas include:

Business advisory.

Services that help you and your company establish long-term objectives and specific strategies, evaluate and implement current operations, and develop recommendations for the future.

Strategy Consulting.

Services that help implement changes within your company to accomplish specific goals, either on a project or a long-term basis, by analyzing your needs, creating a plan, managing development, and implementation.

M&A Advisory.

Whether buying or selling a company, Vedas serves as your financial advisor and advocate, and help navigate the entire process. We bring an experienced and global perspective to help you weigh all the options and make the right decisions.


Services that help you identify, assess, and manage current and future business risks, measure and monitor the effectiveness of your risk management strategies, process as well as minimize risk by improving efficiency.



Sridhar Chityala

Chairman and Founder

Sridhar Chityala is a board member and advisor to fin tech firms that focus on product innovation, and also to private equity, asset management and venture capital firms making strategic investments on emerging technologies and financial services businesses. He is a global leader in the financial services industry having held senior executive leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Wachovia / Wells Fargo, National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank Australia.

Sridhar is presently Founding Partner of Vedas Group LLC, Chairman & Founder of CKL Partners LLC, and Senior Advisor to SVX Group. He also serves on the advisory boards of Fin tech start ups in the Valley.

He is a Co-founder of the Global Payments Council, World e-money council, a board member of various payment networks and industry bodies and is recognized as an industry expert on retail distribution, payments and digital & mobile commerce through published articles and appearances at industry conferences.


Shreyas Slater Chityala

Founder & Managing Partner

twitter_symbol Shreyas Chityala is co-founder of Vedas Group and is a manager of the firm. Shreyas is an experienced investor across various asset classes and has a passion for business strategy and investing. With a background in investment banking and management consulting, Shreyas has worked with companies across the financial services, energy and industrials sectors across North America, Asia and Australia.

He’s an avid sports fan (football, basketball, baseball, hockey and tennis) and loves to travel to watch live events with equal passion for supporting US and Australia through being a dual citizen.

Shreyas holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Columbia University, New York.


For the startups and modern entrepreneurs whose insight and ambition are boundless, Vedas Group is a unique seed-stage partner.

Regardless of which industry or customer segment you play in, we would love to offer you our thoughts. If you have an interesting idea for a business we’d like to speak to you.

379 West Broadway, New York NY 10012

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